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On February 25, 2016, OxyHeal Health Group’s U.S. clinical services business for licensed healthcare facilities was acquired by CūtisCare LLC.

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OxyHeal Health Group®
(or OxyHeal® USA)

  • Establishes and operates Hyperbaric Medicine and Wound Care Centers in licensed healthcare facilities
  • Exclusive reseller of OxyHeal® Medical Systems, Inc.
    equipment in the United States


OxyHeal® University:

  • Provides Hyperbaric and Wound Care education and training, for acute care hospitals in the United States


OxyHeal International®

  • OxyHeal® Medical Systems, Inc. manufactures and provides technical support for Hyperbaric Oxygen Systems worldwide (distributing these systems through OxyHeal Health Group® for licensed hospital applications in the United States)
  • Outside of the United States, OxyHeal International®, Inc. provides Hyperbaric and Wound Healing clinical, educational, and training services for any application
  • Within the United States, OxyHeal International®, Inc. and OxyHeal® Medical Systems, Inc. offer operational, educational, and training services outside of licensed healthcare applications (tunneling, US Government, diving, equine and veterinary medicine, hypobaric, etc.)